About Me

Born and raised in Zimbabwe Nyarai Chapingidza is a PR graduate turned lifestyle blogger and PR professional, sharing her personal stories, career tips and life adventures through social media. 

A freelance writer, Nyarai started off contributing articles to the Standard Style Newspaper in Zimbabwe. From there, her passion for writing and engaging with her audience only grew stronger. In 2015 she became a contributing writer for The Huffington Post, an opportunity that allowed her to interview influential people and share their stories.

The following year she interned for Channel 9, a national television broadcaster where she was able to work on news and cover stories with journalists. Although a career in news reporting did not manifest beyond the internship, she finally found her silver lining in PR and blogging.

Nyarai is passionate about breaking barriers in Australia for women of colour and seeking out opportunities to further this vision through personal branding, fashion, entertainment and events.