It all started when...

I was still in high school gearing towards my final year. I wasn't quite sure what the next step for me would be but university was a mandatory part of that plan. I decided to start a blog to express myself and try to find my authentic voice. Back then, it was filled with meaningless content about celebrity gossip, fashion trends I knew nothing about (because lets face it back then I had a terrible sense of style).

Once I started my double degree in Business and Creative Industries, majoring in Public Relations and Entertainment -things became a little more clearer for me in terms of what I wanted to do with my blog. I knew I liked writing and I knew I liked sharing images which would brighten up peoples day.

I also enjoyed sharing my own personal experiences of being an international student and living far away from home.

The journey hasn't always been easy and to those that have been following my blog since it's early stages (back when I still used wordpress), you can attest to the fact that none of this has been easy for me. Finding your space and being comfortable in it is hard but so is sitting on the sideline and letting your fears and mistakes rule your decisions.

This is a space which I hope to share with young creatives or anyone who takes the time to visit this site. It is the place where I share my personal views from life experiences, provide you with tips on anything that's worked for me and of course my all time favorite thing to do, interviews from the people I look up to within various industries.

As a young PR graduate, come journey with me.

Yours truly...