Dream it, Believe in it and Go for it


To say life after high school is often confusing is under statement. You are considered a semi adult, life pressures about what to study and other endless questions about your life emerge. Sometimes the truth is as simple as ‘you just don’t know.’ While this is not a bad thing, “not knowing” should never become a permanent fixture in your life. Challenge the unknown, your fears, dreams and all the confusion in your head. To quote Farai Gundan (Editor-in-Chic at Forbes) ‘find the things that make you cry”, for that is where your passion lies. Will you make mistakes? Most definitely, but what’s important is what you learn from your mistakes and how you let every failure help you to grow and move towards your goals.

As a young person, I believe it is important to find people that inspire you. If a 20 year old Zimbabwean can become a CEO of a start-up company before completing a degree. What is stopping you from starting now, with what you have, to work on building your life?

Nkosana Mafico, is a student and an entrepreneur going places and his journey so far is inspiring. Between the ages of 12 and 17 he had already been involved in numerous entrepreneurial ventures, selling lollies, cold drinks, miniature skateboards, trading game cards, home made biltong to students at his former high school and co-founded an informal gardening business. Currently in his third year of University, Mafico is CEO of Funetics, a start up company that develops unique English pronunciation technology.

Mafico believes that our generation is living in a world of limitless opportunities. If you never have the opportunity to attend university, this does not limit what you can achieve. It might make your journey a little more difficult but it doesn't cancel your destination. Provided you are willing to explore other routes to get there. Mafico adds to this as he explains that, the normal route of going to university and getting a job is on its way out and that entrepreneurship could be the future.

For those who can afford to go to University, don’t take this opportunity for granted. University is where Mafico was able to network, receive mentorship from industry professionals and start a business in what he described as, “a fairly risk free environment”. It is important to see University beyond the lecturer that you hate, or the lack of partying that thought you would experience or the workload you think you won’t manage. University is an important investment and it is important to treat it like one because someone, somewhere, would do anything to have the same opportunity you may be taking for granted. To find out more about Nkosana Mafico and what he does, visit www.learningfunetics.com

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