CliffCentral Radio Personality: Simphiwe Petros on Life, Career Paths and Mistakes


Simphiwe Petros is a youth advocate whose tweets are inspiring among other great qualities that he possesses. With over 10k followers, his tweets will keep you going on a bad day. I had the pleasure of interviewing Petros who willingly shared insight from his personal experiences on life. He describes himself as a person who strives to step outside his comfort zone and immerse himself in new experiences.   While he studied engineering at university, he is also a radio personality for Cliff Central. This was a combination I found intriguing as the two industries differ slightly. “I believe that I am one of the most unconventional individuals one can ever meet. I mean, radio and engineering, they don’t make any sense,” said Petros. The reason behind this was the dream he held of being a radio personality and to also set a new standard to exemplify that regardless of the career path you pursue, you can still chase your dreams.


The journey to pursuing any dream is often accompanied by obstacles that will; test you, threaten to break you, or leave you frustrated from time to time. At the same time, this journey to fulfilling your dreams is also accompanied by milestones that reward you for all your hard work along the way.

However, those milestones can only be reached by weathering through the storm and learning from your mistakes to allow room for growth. Petros revealed that he made mistakes in his life and was involved in ventures that were complete failures.

“I’ve done many things that I am not necessarily proud of, but the one thing that I have learnt about life is that there is always a lesson to learn from each and every experience you go through that will mould you in becoming a better person tomorrow,” said Petros.

The most important thing to note from Petros is that mistakes are not the end and perhaps sometimes, it is necessary to make those mistakes, to help find what it is you should be doing.

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