Zimbabwean Music with Daniel Jenkins


Daniel Jenkins is a solo pop artist from Zimbabwe who formed his career in late August of 2013. I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his career as a Zimbabwean musician. He is a self-taught musician who likes to vary his sound in order to captivate various crowds. Music wasn’t always the intention for his career path, as he pursued his studies in hotel management before making the switch. In my experience a career in music is often undervalued in many Zimbabwean households, especially when parents fail to see the monetary gain of investing so much time and effort in a career that is not guaranteed to yield a sustainable income. In response to this perception, Jenkins explained that his parents have always been supportive of his decisions, but also gave him a good grounding to have a back up in case music fails. “I think I have overcome that by proving to them that I can make a living out of it and still be able to pay rent and not fend off of them. “ said Jenkins

When it comes to inspiration, Ed Sheeran is a musician who Jenkins looks up to. “I would say Ed Sheeran is my biggest influence in music today. He released a song ten years ago called “Addicted” and said on one of his behind the scenes videos – ‘ If you want to hear how terrible I was ten years ago go listen to that song.” Jenkins emphasized that this showed him that if Ed Sheeran can work hard and succeed what is stopping him from doing the same?


A little closer to home, Jenkins is also inspired by Tehn Diamond. He describes Tehn Diamond as a humble and talented artist whom he has been fortunate enough to work with. The public can expect a collaboration from both Jenkins and Tehn Diamond as they are set to release a music video soon for the song titled “In My Arms”.

Some of the highlights in Jenkins career so far have been the privilege of being on the same line as Jeremy Loops, Mathew Mole and Catherine Grenfell for the Electric Vines NYE party 2014/2015. In March 2015, he was selected as one of the few artists globally, to play in Greece.

Fear and doubt are emotions that we all go through when pursuing our goals and dreams. When it comes to fear and doubt Jenkins is strong in his faith and believes in letting God lead. In addition to this, he has learned the art of being positive and relentless with your dream. “The hardest thing to do is to take that leap of faith to pursue your dreams. I have been ridiculed many times; mocked, brought down and have experienced negativity from every angle. You just have to realize that at the end of the day you do it for the love of it and for yourself. You have to be selfish with your dream. It’s YOUR dream and no one can make it happen but YOU.”