Lessons from the fashion Guru


Lourens Loux Gebhdardt known as Loux The Vintage Guru is an accountant and fashion stylist from Namibia who was featured on CNN’s African Voices a few weeks ago. African Voices is a show I enjoy watching because it paints Africa in a different light and shows the world through individuals such as Loux, that Africa is more than just about poverty and suffering. After watching Loux on CNN, I was keen to track him down and interview him. As a business and creative industries student, I enjoy having conversations with people who have a creative side and are also business minded because it reinforces to me that pursing both, is possible and can be achieved if you work hard and have a plan.

Photo Creds: Harness Hamese and Lukas Amakali

In my interview with Loux, he explained that 80% of his career revolves around accounting and that 20% is his styling business, blogging and other fashion related projects. Despite that working as an accountant is his full time job; he still pursues fashion part time, as Loux is not the one to sit around and do nothing. He also emphasized the idea of not putting all your eggs in one basket, especially when it comes to the fashion industry and the environment you live in. Knowing your environment and mastering how the economy responds to fashion is crucial to achieving success and making ends meet for yourself.

As we all know, the fashion industry varies from country to country.  Based on the different experiences Loux has encountered in Namibia, having a qualification to back you up different from fashion is something to consider. Having a different qualification also provides you with something to fall back on during hard times where there might be a recession resulting in lower demands of people buying new clothes, attending fashion shows or paying for styling services.

Loux also stresses that irrespective of the industry trends or the economy you find yourself living under, you must always listen to yourself. Listening to yourself allows you to pursue projects that you are passionate about. The more passionate you are about something, the more likely you are to succeed at it and that is probably why Loux is receiving so much buzz surrounding all the styling he does for the wider public and himself. It is more than just a hobby for him, it is part of his life in the way that he presents himself and his willingness to help anyone in need of fashion advice. Overall, he exudes positive energy that will leave you searching for your own passion, if you haven't already discovered the things that make you buzz.

Photo Creds: Harness Hamese and Lukas Amakali