Brisbane Model, Madeline Sets off to New York Fashion Week


This feature on Madeline Stuart was inspired by a 3 year old girl I met with Down Syndrome, named Jessah Wilson who blew me away with her vibrant and energetic personality. Jessah is a gorgeous independent girl who is friendly and affectionate. My hope for Jessah and girls and boys like her, is to grow up knowing that your disability should not put limitations on your goals. My hope is that with a strong support system such as her encouraging mother Maylean Wilson, she may always live life to its fullest and focus on the things that bring joy to her heart.

Jessah Wilson

Brisbane born Madeline Stuart epitomizes the importance of following your dreams working hard to achieve your goals regardless of the standards society sets. Madeline Stuart is an 18-year-old girl with Down Syndrome. Recently, she has been making the headlines as she is set to walk down the runway at the New York Fashion Week. I had the pleasure catching up with Madeline Stuart for a quick interview to talk about what brings joy to hear heart.

Madeline Stuart

Traveling and experiencing different parts of the world and is something Madeline enjoys doing with her mum. “I love traveling, I have always traveled with mum,” expressed Madeline.

Traveling the world is exciting on it’s own but even more so when you are traveling for a specific purpose. For Madeline that purpose is fashion and modelling. The memories created are endless but Madeleine's highlight so far on her journey, was a catwalk she did 3 weeks ago in New York for Auto Immune Disease.

More highlights are yet to come as she is set to walk the runway at the New York Fashion week but cannot disclose details on which designers she will be walking for yet. So stay tuned to her social accounts to be updated on her New York Fashion Week experience.

#Repost from Teen Vogue on Madeline Stuarts debut at NYFW


When she is not doing a photo-shoot or walking on the runway, Madeline says she likes to wear tights and t-shirts mainly.

As an international student, I understand that being far from is indeed an adventure but home is always the place your heart beats for. As a Brisbane girl, the thing Madeline loves most about Brisbane is the fact that it is her home.

To conclude, I asked Madeline if there is any advice she would give to young girls like Jessah and she urges them to never give up. “Don’t ever up and always follow your dreams.”


You can follow Madline Stuart on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on her journey.

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