The Dynamic Duo Making Waves With New Hit Single 'Champion'


No record deal? No problem.

Who said the only way to make it in the music industry is through a record label? While having a record deal might boost your creative talent and provide access to resources that will have your songs playing on radio or in the clubs; RNB/Soul -dynamic duo, Laurette N James are doing away with that for now.

I first came to know about Laurette and James in 2014. Back then, they used to work on song covers and record them on YouTube. They covered many popular hits as well as their own personal favorites which weren't necessarily mainstream. I was fascinated by them because it was one of those rare moments you witness two siblings -working together and actually getting along without rubbing each other against the wrong way.

The fact that their personalities are so different probably explains why they seem to get along so well. Laurette is more of an extrovert and has no qualms with expressing herself, while James is more of an introvert and tends to observe and analyze his surroundings, as opposed to being vocal. Despite their clear differences in personalities, they share one thing in common and that is the love they carry for their music duo. This love transcends in the songs they write, the energy filled performances they deliver on stage and their relentless work ethic to keep pushing, when all odds are against them.


Their voices are unique and shy away from the traditional commercial songs that bare no meaning or depth. This was a deliberate decision from the R&B duo, as they did not want to be micromanaged or have their sound altered. They simply want their voice to be heard for what it is and most importantly send inspirational messages to empower people.

Granted their sound is not for everyone, they sure do have a legion of fans and supporters of their music across Australia and in other parts of the world. Their new single "Champion" is set to be released on the 20th February, 2016.

Following the release of their single will be an intimate launch party on the 21st February, 2016 (tomorrow). Judging from the feedback on their Facebook page of attendees, this event is one not to be missed.

Laurette has also kept it unapologetically real by reminding us all that they are not signed to a label but they do have friends and supporters who can spread the word about their new single.

To find out more about LnJ music and subscribe to their mailing list please visit their Facebook page for updates.

You can pre-order their new single on iTunes here:


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