Dear Hard Work

Motivation + Hard Work = Results As an epilogue to my previous post about finding motivation and trying to keep myself in check I found this inspirational "letter" dedicated to a young fellow named Hard Work, hope it also speaks to someone as it did to me.

Dear hard work...

I used to hate you, when you called my name I heard it but I ran away from you. When I knew you were coming i used to hide from you. When you influenced others that talk to me, I quickly made excuses to get away from you. Afraid of the pain because I didn’t want to get hurt. Afraid to fail, so I didn’t even try and afraid of your name because of what you have done to others.

Who do you think you are making me so afraid of who you are. Reflection in the mirror, shadow behind me. I take one step and you are still ahead of me. Sweat in my face, tears in my eyes. Is there anything that you can’t do?

Now look at me, you made me who I am today and because of you I have this never loosing never giving up attitude. Quitting? That’s not in my vocabulary. When they quit I keep going, when they sleep I work harder. When they say that I can’t and count me out I show them that I can. When I tell them about my dreams and they laugh I make sure I laugh last. I am a dream chaser. That means I chase my dream and no one else’s, only I can defeat me. It´s me against this work you put on it. There is no loosing...

I will not lose!

I came this far and I am not stopping now. Oh hard work my doubt was right above me and you do pay off and because of that ... I love you, how can I not? I am no longer hiding from you ... I am waiting for you. In matter of fact, where are you?

I need you, because in hard work I trust!

-AdamWontLose Image