Lessons From Michelle Obama: Part 2


Life hasn't necessarily been a walk in the park for me, there have been situations in my life that I have experienced which were not that pretty. From my mom suffering from bipolar to losing everything that was once famillier to me in terms of friends and going on to live in a new country away from home.Through all these transitions, I've had plenty of meltdowns but never let it show too much. All through my life so far I have been trying my best to invest in relationships, be it friends, family, or love interests. I am always willing to invest in these areas as I believe that nothing compares to having great relationships that are genuine. Money or the worlds best job just can't buy that. It is something you have to earn. Recently, I have started to question the true value of what I should really be investing in because time after time I have come up short as a result of investing too much in relationships and coming out with way less than I went in with. So what should I really be investing in at this age whereby so much is changing? Friends are getting married, they are having babies, traveling the world and living life basically. Yet here I am trying to preserve those relationships when really that shouldn't be my biggest investment.

3. Invest in yourself, no matter what else is going on in your life.

So often when people let us down, or when situations don't turn out the way we had planned and hoped, we are easily put down and sometimes we stay down for too long. Being low means we have no energy or motivation to pursue the next task with our heart and soul because we are being weighed down by the things we didn't let go of.

I am guilty of doing this and I wish I had the answers on how to automatically snap out of it but I don't. So I won't even try and dish out some advice on that. Being in my 20's my goal is to really do my best and yes make mistakes along the way but hopefully I will learn from them. I think our parents are people we should really pay more attention to at this critical age because they have been where we are before.

My aunt Elizabeth told me the one thing she would do differently if she were my age again, is to invest in herself more. Having known some of the things she has had to go through in her life, those words really stayed with me. She is a single mom and has worked extremely hard and never let her mistakes define her. In all honesty she is my role model when it comes to persistence and the ability to have a strong work ethic. Despite the odds she has continued to invest in herself and I applaud her for this.

So right now I am trying to invest in me but there's so much going on around me. I let some of the things go but we all know that washing out really dirty stains is not the easiest thing to do and sometimes your favorite piece of clothing can never go back to looking brand new as it did before it got stained on.

I had to let go of a love interest whom I thought was really the one for me. He was a great guy and one of the few men whom I have met so far that I would actually move mountains for simply because he respects himself so much and unlike many boys my age right now, is actually building a life for himself and soaring passionately through his accounting profession. The timing was off though and we just never ended up being anything and now he is with someone else.

I had to let go of a man that couldn't love me because he didn't even love and respect himself. That was a bitter one to let go of because he showed me no remorse of caring at all.

I had to let go of old friends, dead dreams and the list could go on but the point is I let it all go and nothing's perfect, I am still paying the price for it all. While all this is happening. I can't afford to lose sight of the dreams that God has kept alive for me. I have to keep investing in myself, despite everything else going on around me.