Gabrielle Union Shares ‘Who Am I’ on OWN


Gabrielle Union is a favorite actress of mine because in a way I can relate to the character she portrays. I simply love her bold ways. She is not perfect and she doesn't shy away from that fact either. Just over a year ago she shared some of her insights in her speech at Essence magazine's sixth annual Black Women in Hollywood pre-Oscars luncheon, where she also received the "Fierce and Fearless Award". What I liked most about the speech was that she wasn't afraid to share some of her flaws and tell her truth for what it was. Here are a few quotes from Gabrielle's Speech which I thought were worth sharing:

"It’s easy to pretend ‘to be fierce and fearless because living your truth takes real courage. Real fearless and fierce women admit mistakes and they work to correct them. We stand up and we use our voices for things other than self promotion. We don’t stand by and let racism and sexism and homophobia run rapid on our watch. Real fearless and fierce women complement other women and we recognize and embrace that their shine in no way diminishes our light and that it actually makes our light shine brighter." 

The video below is a small snippet of Gabrielle Union which has nothing to do with the Essence speech but is of relevance to me because it speaks to some of the parts about me that I like and don't like, including the parts about me that I would love to explore deeper. Similar to Ms Union, I also love my quiet time. Quiet time is so important to me and what a blessing it is to have people in your life who are going to be able to respect that and allow you to have that? Most of all, what I loved from the video below is the ability to speak out when you have a voice and not deprive this world of what it is you have to say. For the longest time I refused to start my blog as ME, I wanted to be anonymous, I was afraid of what people would think, say or feel about some of the things I felt I needed to say. This was not the first blog I ever had, but it is the first one that has really meant something to me and I am so dedicated to my work on this blog. I am not afraid to share some of my thoughts and I am slowly accepting that people will read it and have comments about it: both good and bad. That just comes with the territory.