Yours & Mine


This video is a retrospective short film celebrating the one-year anniversary of the self-titled visual album, BEYONCÉ. I love Beyonce. I love her music, work ethic and the ability she has to express herself through art. I love her more for the person she portrays rather than just her music so even if she starts to produce music that I am not particularly fond of, she has already won my heart and I'll always be a fan of the person she worked so hard to become. I appreciate that I do not know her at all and so perhaps it is a little crazy to love her the way I do but some things are not even worth trying to explain or justify to people, I simply love her. I applaud her for really stepping out and letting the world in on her life, thoughts and struggles. She really doesn't have to but she does anyways and I have learnt so much from the things she has shared over the years. From the "Life is but a Dream" documentary to her other documentaries, I have really come to appreciate not only Beyonce but other artists in Beyonce's line of work who are not able to express themselves or those that do but their work goes unnoticed by a wider audience.

As I am growing up and going through my personal life experiences I am hungry for knowledge. I am desperate to learn more about myself because the person I am today is not the person I was yesterday. I am forever changing. I have so much to learn. I have made plenty of mistakes and I am not perfect. I do strive to focus on the good in me rather than the bad. In the last two years I have grown to like me a little bit better and treat myself with respect. That is one important life lesson I am learning: to treat myself good. To look at all the ugly aspects about myself and somehow learn to love those things too. I can't just love me when I am perfect and at my very best. I also have to learn to love me when I am unlovable, when I am at my worst and especially in times where others fail to love all of me.

I hope this video inspires my readers and leaves you burning with the desire to make a beautiful life for yourself. To surround yourself with love and positivity. To work hard and dream big. To help other people where you know you should and where you can. To see beyond material things and dig deep into another persons soul to bring out the best in them.