A Letter from Liz


Elizabeth Gilbert is one my favorite writers, not so much because of her famous book, "Eat Pray Love," because lets face it, it took me years to finally read that book. And when I did read it, I didn't think much of Gilbert herself, to me she was just another writer who had managed to successfully tell her story and receive a lot of praise and recognition for it globally. It wasn't until I started to really struggle with certain things in my personal life that I really got to know about Gilbert and how surprisingly wise she was.I watch many of Oprah's shows and interviews and read books she recommends and ofcourse Gilbert was part of Oprah's list of influential people. I love how brutally honest Gilbert was in all of the appearances she made on Oprah's show. Whether it was appearing on Oprah's Life Class show or Super Soul Sunday, Gilbert captured my attention. Unlike other writers or famous people who appear to be too celebrity like and perfect, Gilbert honestly seemed like someone I could sit down with. Sometimes, I read something she has written and think to myself, "WOW.. she's taken the words right out of my mouth," or "how is it possible that someone else out there feels the exact same way I do about this particular situation?" It always helps knowing that you are not alone and that someone else has felt the same way you do before, but is doing perfectly fine. That is what often helps with re-energizing me and providing hope that mistakes or failure are never the end.

So here's a letter from Liz, I hope it gives you the energy to get up again and keep it moving regardless of what troubles you may be facing or are yet to face:

Dear Ones —

I have a lot of trouble sometimes forgiving myself for my mistakes and failures. I lie awake at night and review my errors, and wonder how I could have been so blind. I wish for thousands of second chances, third chances, hundredth chances, to go back and correct myself — to finally get it right. I want to un-say what I said, or speak out what I never dared to express. There are people I want to go back in time and eliminate from my destiny, and others who I want to retrieve because I lost them so foolishly. I long to take what is fixed and finished and done, and do it over — better, always better. I think, "You should have known, Liz, how could you not have known?"

I'm sure I'm the only person who does this to myself, right?


Then I remember this line from Rumi, about embracing everything (EVERY SINGLE THING) that has brought you to this place, to this divine moment:

“If God said, ‘Rumi, pay homage to everything that has helped you enter my arms,’ there would not be one experience of my life, not one thought, not one feeling, not any act, I would not bow to.”

I remember that, and I bow down in gratitude to it all.

ALL of it.

Sending you love this fine morning, LG

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