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Boity is not slowing down, even though this year is almost coming to an end. The actress made a few headlines this year: from her new partnership with Legit, as the fashion brands new ambassador for Summer 2015, to her recent jaw dropping photo shoot and interview with Africa's premier online magazine, Previdar. So apart from the stunning pictures from Boity's shoot with the magazine, which do her justice in showcasing her fit curvacious figure, what is the fuss with the 25-year-old's interview with Previdar? Why did the site crash temporarily? And why should we care? Maybe you just like things and couldn't help but glance at the images or you are a Boity fan and will support anything she does or like me, you simply wanted some career advice on how to build your personal brand and how to survive working in the sometimes ruthless entertainment industry?

For anyone who is aspiring to work in this industry (especially young females), be it fashion, music, film or writing, this interview is definitely worth the read as it comes from a source who is still working her way up but has already surpassed many of her career goals and objectives she opened up about how she started out and how she has harnessed the skill of protecting her confidence in the ever changing and competitive industry. For Boity, working in the entertainment industry hasn't been a walk in the park. Her work involves wearing multiple hats and requires a sound ability to adapt to different environment. From pitching up to fashion shows, promoting a brand while partying and or presenting on TV, the girl has to play each role accordingly. Most of the time we see her smiling and she looks 'happy.' However, despite being so successful in the public eye, she admits that she still has to fight several demons, (as is with any career) to on course and most importantly to guard herself. "It gets seriously tough at times to a point where you believe that you deserve better for yourself. But hey, if you want to be a part of this industry, you have to want it bad enough to drag yourself through the heaps of negativity” shared Boity to Previdar.

Here is a glimpse of the interview she did where she discussed her career and personal thoughts.

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You entered this industry as a young lady that wowed us with her gorgeous smile on a fast food advert - has your career taken the shape you had hoped? -Previdar

“Thank you. I think more than anything, it surpassed my expectations. And to be honest, I was only certain of one thing and one thing only – I wanted to be an actress. I didn’t know how or when that was going to happen but I was following a path that I prayed would lead me in that direction. So I can genuinely and gratefully say that I have continued to receive much more than I bargained for.” -Boity

#GINKGOWOOD | COVER: Boitumelo Thulo | Makeup by Vuyo Varoyi (Revlon) | Styled by Fearless Afrika.

What has the industry taught you about who you are? -Previdar

“It has taught me how important it is to genuinely accept and love yourself for who you are. With all the comparisons that can ultimately lead one into a dark out of self doubt and self hate, I have learned that if I do not consistently and on a daily basis, work towards loving myself unconditionally, I will not survive this industry and more importantly, this life.” -Boity

What has the industry taught you about who you don’t want to be? -Previdar

“There is so much ruthless negativity in this industry that if I contributed in any way towards it, I would truly feel like I have failed my family and myself.” -Boity

Boity---editsYou’ve been named the next “IT” girl to have her own LEGIT range, getting that phone call must have been life changing – what were you thinking when you heard? -Previdar

“You know the ego always finds a way to make you feel unworthy of the things you deserve. So the moment I received the news, my mind was flooded with doubts and questions of whether I was ready and if they were sure, but far beyond that I just said a silent prayer in my heart and thanked God. I was like FINALLY! lol! I could not be more grateful. This position is a true privilege.” -Boity

#GINKGOWOOD | COVER: Boitumelo Thulo | Makeup by Vuyo Varoyi (Revlon) | Styled by Fearless Afrika.

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