Practising Gratitude


So I'm uber excited to leave scorching hot Brisbane next week for Sydney. Even though I am only going to face a different kind of heat there, as it is equally just as hot, if not worse, it somehow sounds much nicer when you tell me I'll be burning in Sydney. Words can't explain how much I love Sydney. It's my dream city to live and work in, once I graduate... which fingers crossed will be soon enough (Lord knows I'm tired of attending lectures and not having any flexibility because of having to accommodate my classes and study sessions). A lot of my peers are graduating this year and having spoken to a few of them thus far, I am probably more excited for them, than they are for themselves (typical Nyarai thing to do). A week ago, I sat down for lunch with a friend of mine who is graduating this year. My eyes were beaming with joy for him but he did not seem moved at all. Then I asked him a few questions to help with my understanding of his lack of excitement.  I asked, "if you won't celebrate this milestone and if you can't be excited about your graduation, then when will you be satisfied?" I continued to probe the question and added, "when will you pat yourself on the back and say hey, you did it?" Being the cheeky person that my friend can sometimes be, his response was that he'll be satisfied after he completes his honors.

Fair enough, we all have different expectations of ourselves. Some of us will not celebrate small achievements until those finer detailed targets are reached. Personally, I don't think we should be that harsh on ourselves. Having witnessed so many of my peers and the people I grew up with leave this earth far too soon, I think we ought to take a step back and be grateful sometimes. Quick side note before we get ahead of ourselves here, I am not that great at practising gratitude either but it's something I realized I need more of to keep myself going on a really hard day. So when it comes to you graduating it moves from being just about you to also being about your parents or anyone who supported you to get that DEGREE. Without their unconditional love and hard work to ensure you were financially taken care of in uni, it could be a whole different story. Many of us are lucky that we will graduate debt free without the burden of having to worry about paying off a loan. Many of us are lucky that we were given the chance to get an education. The sad part is that those of us in this position don't often see it that way. We often get so caught up looking for the next "big" thing to pursue, that we lose perspective.

So to all my beautiful friends graduating this semester, be proud of yourselves because while you might be the top dog now thinking this was all a breeze, I know for a fact we've all had our mini breakdowns in the library. We've all had moments where giving up was certainly a much brighter option than waking up with bloodshot eyes from either studying for an exam or working on an assignment. And to those of you who were genuinely just smarty pants and strategically managed to finish your degree without the added stress of crying here and then, kudos to you too! But please don't forget to celebrate this milestone too or acknowledge it in a way that is fitting to you because not everyone in our circles gets this chance.

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