"Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached" -Maha Sinnathamby

Life has a funny way of switching up on you constantly. Nothing stays the same forever and things do change. It's taken me a long time to accept that all changes can actually be a blessing of some sort in your life depending on how you choose to look at it. Having lived in a few different countries while studying, I have experienced my fair share of changes. I have made great friendships with people from different parts of the world; places I never knew existed such as Kuwait. I have experienced different cultures by dating outside of my race and I've sure had to adjust living away from my backbones (my mom, dad & sister).

All of these things that make up my life, sometimes leave me with WTF (What The F**K) moments.  These are moments where I sit and think to myself, is it worth pursing my goals if it means I can go for months without seeing my parents? Is it worth it if I can't be with my closest friends or if I can't be at my 2 year old nephews Christmas play in Cape Town? Is it all worth it if I have to get on a plane but the final designation of that journey is a city that isn't home? These are the questions I ask myself  and sometimes, I get engulfed with a tremendous amount guilt because I am in a sense, choosing to prioritize my dreams before my family and friends.

And so today as I was sitting in the lounge thinking of all the things I need to pack and do before my flight tomorrow,  I couldn't help but feel a little guilty and empty. I should really be getting on a plane and going home but I'm not I can't. And that's the choice I've made. As I was in this confusing space mentally, I looked down on the coffee table and there were little cubed letters from an unfinished game of scrabble that caught my attention.

Two words to be precise;  motivation and unstoppable. I moved from the comfy couch and sat down on the cold tiled floor, next to the coffee table, trying to process these words and why they were in front of me in this particular moment. I then pulled away all the other words leaving the word "unstoppable" with all the other letters scattered around this word. This word gave me a sense of piece because sometimes you just need to get on with what you have to do regardless of everything else that surrounds you. When I thought about my dreams and whether or not pursing them was worth it I thought to myself, I have to at least try.


And if truth be told, I want to do this, I want to pursue my dreams. I want to keep going until my goals are reached and I know for sure my family and TRUE friends want the same thing for me too. So if you ever find yourself in a little rut or situation that threatens to shift your attitude towards your dreams, find just ONE word that will keep you going or keep you sane.  And so today when I had my WTF moment, that word for me was unstoppable. As simple as it is, it made a huge difference to the course of my day.

What words help keep you going until some of your goals are reached?

Use the comment section below to share your simple words that keep you going.


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