Hashtag...This Too Shall Pass


I probably don't need to write a post ranting about how much uni sucks right now because -well... this is something we are all feeling right now so I'll save face and assume if you are a uni student right now, you already know whats up. Knee deep in our studies and only JUST getting by, that's the case for most of us. I am in my (fingers crossed) final year and I am just drained. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. But the good news I am actually failing to see is that it's going to be over soon. It's just when you've been in university for so long, far away from family and loved ones it really does leave a little dent in your heart but you've gotta do what you gotta do with the end goal in mind. Despite being far away from my family, I must say they are the best damn people God could have blessed me with. Granted from time to time, we might go savage on each other but when it comes to supporting one another or if shit hits the fan, they literally drop everything to try and accommodate you and ensure you stay afloat. It's that savage loving family bond.

I recently had to work on one of the most difficult assignments and I was just at a loss of how I was going to get it all done but several family members came on board and tried to help. It was honestly the sweetest thing because I'm sure they all had better things to do than try help me figure out how to use excel and analyze a whole bunch of data.

So anyways back to being stressed and thinking about uni, I am wishing all my friends and readers all the very best in this trying time. As for inspirational feel good stuff to motivate you, I actually don't have any because sometimes, especially during exam time -all you need is a good rant then maybe a minute or two to yourself to come back to your senses and realize that this horrible shi**y time is only temporary :) hashtag -thistooshallpass.

Good luck & See you on the other side!