Butterfly Wings

So this is to make up for Sunday's post, although I am pretty sure somewhere in America, it is still Sunday so I didn't quite miss my Sunday cut off of posting something and trying to stay committed to posting on Sunday's.

It's been one heck of a year and honestly regardless of what happens from here I am just thankful that I made it through in one piece. Still able to connect with the things that I love and surrounded by the most loving family (God blessed me with some good ones). That's all you need when you get lost along the way -family.

You might fuss, fight, throw each other under the bus here and there but there is no doubt that if the love is genuine, you will have each others back in the worst of times no matter what. I can't tell you how many times I have fought with my sister yet the love is no less than it was before the millions of fights we've had. I can't tell you how undeserving of my parents unconditional love I am but they love me even more for my struggles and will always do their best to see me through every failure and setback as well as every achievement and success. They take the good with the bad.

My parents are the real MVP's when it comes to this whole unconditional love thing, sure they aren't perfect but they've given me the best example of what love is by holding down their marriage when they both had every opportunity to walk away. The stuff they've experienced as a couple really opened my eyes to what it means to never really give up on the people you love most and to make an effort to show you care through actions not words. They've also given me the best example by putting their children above everything they do in life. I have no doubt that my parents would slit their wrists for my siblings and I just to prove that they love us.

From a young age my mom loved me with everything she had in her soul and though I don't live at home anymore, I still feel that love burning. It burns through calls, emails, texts and short visits home once in a while.

I chose to share the pictures above for 2 reasons:

1. The first one describes my childhood perfectly.

I NEVER LEFT MY MOTHERS SIDE.  Growing up she was my best friend (I may have had best friends at school but she was the one way before my sister and I even became close). My mom is the lady on the right in purple and her sister is the lady to my left.

It was quite embarrassing that I went with her everywhere, funerals, church choir practices, weekend long church retreats in the middle of nowhere -hell I even went to work with her sometimes lol. Everyone knew me as her handbag and it was actually quite weird for her to be seen out without me so people would always ask her where I was if I wasn't with her. I always wanted to be with my mom more than anything.

My dad would try and convince me that he was cool enough to hang out with, to allow my mom a break from having to be with me all the time but it just wasn't happening, bribes and all. Of course today things are a little different, and there is finally a bit of equality between the parents, because I no longer have a preferred favorite to spend more time with, both balance me out but this post is really just about my mom so, will touch base with daddy lessons in another post.

2. The second one makes me shed a few tears of joy because I was cast as a butterfly in a school play.

My mom and I had been shopping for butterfly wings but we just couldn't find any. Devastated, the 7 year old me didn't want to be in the play if I didn't have any "cool" butterfly wings to compliment my role as a butterfly. My mom promised me she would make a plan but given that she was no Picasso, I really wasn't trying to hear what her plan was.

The next day I woke up to a beautiful set of white soft wings with a silver lining layer on the outside. My sister was also involved in the process and both my mom and her had been up all night making these wings. I had no words because I really wasn't expecting it. I probably still didn't have the best costume but I felt proud wearing those wings knowing the hands that made them stayed up all night and put everything into crafting them from scratch.

Photo creds for the butterfly wings photo go out to my mom, as with every other play and sports fixture of mine she ever attended. It's these little things that I took for granted growing up that I appreciate more now. But it is also these things that have shaped me into who I am today and I am thankful for it because no matter what, little moments such as remembering my butterfly wings will always lure me back to what really makes me happy.

What are some fundamental childhood memories from your parents that have impacted your life in a positive light?