Do you & Trust Your Inner Slay

I didn't really want to delve into a personal post as an intro to 2017 but through countless conversations I've had in the past few weeks with my really good friends who happen to be halfway across the continent, I was compelled to just do the damn thing.


What's always been a drawback for me when it comes to sharing personal posts is how my work will be received and interpreted (I am slowly coming to terms with the simple fact that I can't control any of that, I can only write and how you take it is up to you).

It's a drawback because any blogger/writer in their early twenties can probably confess that they have been guilty of accommodating a well known unwanted visitor from time to time who stifles their ability to put themselves out there. This visitor is known as imposter syndrome. There's loads of definitions on what imposter syndrome is and how it affects you as an individual but Lupita Nyongo's take is more in line with how I would describe it.

“I suffered from the imposter syndrome, where you work towards something and once it arrives you question whether you’re ready for it or not.”-Lupita Nyongo

Not only do you question whether you are ready for it but sometimes you start to question whether or not you deserve it because you know yourself too well and know that you are still perfecting your craft and working on becoming a better person. I think we've all been there or experienced this feeling to some degree but it's so important to find ways to block out the noise and develop coping mechanisms to keep slaying as best as you can NO MATTER WHAT. (Yes I know, I can almost hear some of you who know me well screaming for me to do the same for myself and heed to my own advice).

My 2016 didn't exactly turn out how I wanted it to. I took a little unexpected detour which I'd rather not question and instead just learn from everything it taught me about myself. I had embarrassing moments, made mistakes and on the other hand I also had some good experiences. Looking back some of the worst experiences pushed me out of my comfort zone a little and awakened the inner warrior in me.

Whenever I'm stuck in a deep rut of questioning myself too much, I am always thankful for my family. They provide me with the much needed space I need to bounce back. Come rain come sunshine those people are my refuge and remind me of my inner slay when it gets lost.


And so how do you overcome Imposter Syndrome? Well there is no right or wrong approach but since this post was loosely based on Lupita's definition of how it feels to go through the motions of this feeling, its only fitting that I add some of her strategies for overcoming the imposter syndrome:

  1. Always ask questions, seek learning and take book recommendations from those you respect
  2. Take time to breath, to meditate and to pray
  3. Write down your goals and dreams.  “A dream is a portal to your purpose.” ~ Lupita Nyang’o Click to Tweet
  4. Have four people who will unconditionally and inconveniently support you when you feel paralyzed with fear and doubt
  5. Consistently slay the dragons of self-doubt, self-hate and self-denial
  6. Always allow failure to be an option. “Without the possibility of being bad, you will never be great.” ~ Lupita Nyang’o Click to Tweet!
  7. Step and repeat, step and repeat and repeat again

Do you and Trust Your Inner Slay!!!