Hello From The Other Side...

It's been a long time coming but better late than never right? I have been working on a new site for my blog which is easy on the eye and hopefully more user friendly than before. The purpose for my blog has always been to share content from a young G's perspective (lol I totally made that up but the purpose is really to share a few things from the eyes of a 20 something year old). From interviews to feature stories this is where it's at. Every now and then you might need something to keep you motivated or inspired and the people I meet through networking opportunities or just through general life casualties always leave me with a few thoughts to ponder. There is so much to learn about life and you never really get to a point where you know it all.

I've interviewed a few key people and I have shared some of their stories with you. Despite the fact that the people I have interviewed come from different walks of life, their stories bare similarities regarding what it takes to truly become the best version of yourself and experience life to your maximum potential. They all agree that you'll be tested in so many ruthless ways and giving up will sometimes rear its head as the best option when shxt hits the fan -but don't take it. As corny as it sounds you will get a breakthrough someday in whatever it is you set your mind to pursue. It may not happen they way that you envisioned but it will happen. As Denzel Washington put it;

"If you hang around the barbershop long enough, sooner or later you're gonna get a haircut."

                                                       Photography: Nick Sterkenburg | Hair: Tom McGaffin (Hairbytom)

                                                       Photography: Nick Sterkenburg | Hair: Tom McGaffin (Hairbytom)

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