Don't wait for friday to live your life...

The adjustment after you finish university and start working your 9-5 job is never easy. You are faced with so many challenges of trying to make it through the week and get the hang of not only the work that's required of you from your job but also finding your so called "balance."

When you are eager to get your foot in the door and learn as much as you can, sometimes finding the right balance can get a little blurry. You find yourself giving up almost everything and making sacrifices in order to prove that you are dedicated to your work. For some of you this might mean spending less time with friends, going out less and having more time to yourself to recoup.

While all these are can be perceived as worthwhile sacrifices, I've come to the realization that if and where possible, don't stop living your life entirely! Go on that coffee date, host sleepover parties with your friends, splurge a little here and there on yourself ans just do things that make you happy continuously, because this idea of waiting for Friday just to be happy/live your life is not healthy in my opinion.

In my first couple of weeks (and if truth be told still) I really do look forward to my Friday's because it means I can chill out and reconnect with my other passions. While its great to have a broad range of interests that you should look forward to every now and again, Friday needs to stop being the ultimate excuse to come alive! Life is happening around you regardless of what day of the week it is and what a shame it is to go through the week only looking forward to Friday.

A friend of mine called me during the week while he was on his lunch break. He had gone out to some restaurant to eat and I swear in speaking to him over the phone while he was enjoying his meal, it sounded like he was on holiday.

I was taken back a little because how could someone be so calm and in his state of zen while he was on his lunch break? He even had the nerve to add in a bit of shisha while having his lunch. I grilled him about being so relaxed when it was a work week and his response to me was something that has me doing life differently of late.

Don't wait for Friday to relax or let loose a little. Its crippling. So instead of being so uptight during the week, I've slowly started to welcome the idea of relaxing a lot more so that when Friday comes, it's not so much of a big deal.


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