August Blooming

When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows… not the flower. –Alexander Den Heuer

2018 is just less than 4 months away! Like where has the time gone and what on earth is going on. Life feels like its literally slipping through my fingers. I know it sounds silly because that is the very nature of life –for time to pass and for changes to occur but I’ve been that stubborn little nook from birth that struggles with change. I am slowly learning to adapt and just let life take its course and allow things to come and go (without fighting it).

When people tell you life is not easy or as Maya Angelou and my uncle would put it “life can be a bitch”  -these words don’t really sink in the way they should until you are faced with situations that make you understand and feel the very sentiments that yes –indeed, life can be a bitch.

The beauty of it though which my uncle then concludes with, is that nothing lasts forever. Good times come and go and so do bad times. That’s just the way it is and no one not even the one person you think has this life thing under control is immune to the adversities that life will inevitably throw your way from time to time.

2016 was by far the toughest year I have experienced so far as a “young adult.” It was my final year of uni and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I knew that I had spent so much time trying to figure it out, doing all sorts of different things and putting my hand up for any and every opportunity that came my way –but I still couldn’t figure it out. On top of this I had to deal with some unwanted drama, which fuelled my indecisive behaviour and just left me more lost and confused than ever.

Somehow after a long struggle I never thought would end, I graduated and I found a job within my industry… I held on to the tiny bit of hope I had left inside of me that there had to be more. It wasn’t just all in my head there really had to be more and I had to find a way to get what I wanted and not allow the fears of everyone else around me to dictate what was and wasn’t possible.

I hate to be the corny one so I’ll keep it real as best as I can from my own experiences. It’s not easy going after what you want, but it’s also not easy watching yourself wake up everyday knowing that you are settling or aren’t trying to live your life to the maximum potential.  If I’m being honest I think it’s actually harder having to deal with yourself in this state than it is trying to deal with a YOU that’s out there TRYING.

On this note, I’d just like to finish off by saying… sometimes when things aren’t working out or when you are faced with negative situations at every turn, perhaps the problem isn’t in what it is you have to offer or the vision you hold for yourself. Perhaps the problem is the people you are choosing to hold on to or surround yourself with and share those hopes and dreams with. Or perhaps it’s the pressures you have put on yourself of who you “think you should be” and you have not given yourself the option to break free from those strongholds and discover something new that’s more fitting for who you really are.

nyaz chaps