Your 20’s are a journey not a destination

Happy New Year folks! We’re done and dusted with 2017, a year that was filled with both extreme highs and lows at the same damn time. It’s hard to really give a fair take on what that year made me feel like. Confusion is probably the better word but not a "lost kind of confusion" but more like "a not fully present kind of confusion."

As I was sitting at my desk at work, a simple thought came to me and these words spoke to me, “your 20’s are a journey not a destination.” For the first time it really began to finally sink in that whatever changes I may face it's okay. I am always trying to fight shxt, argue with shxt, reposition shxt rather than just living in the moment and letting things be -good or bad.

Then I thought about the words “your 20’s are a journey not a destination” and bam it clicked that when you are on a journey going somewhere no matter what you try and do if it takes a certain amount of time to get there, there’s no negotiating. Sure there may be slight variations in time depending on the course of the journey, the driver, mode of transportation, stops you make along the way and any other factors you may encounter while on the journey -but a journey is a journey and the only way to get through to the other side is to keep going.

I began to think about my journey so far, at some point I must admit, there were moments where I neglected the journey and focused solely on the destination. The problem with this is you miss out on so many valuable cues and moments. Becoming fixated on the destination alone will have you living in a constant state of "what’s the next move?" You never truly allow yourself to soak up each moment and just. be. present!

2017 was a year I missed out on being completely present because everything was just happening fast (sometimes all at once) making it hard for me to fully comprehend and grasp every little feeling. The focus then shifted from my actual journey to my destination/ideal destination, while you can definitely still straddle along your journey -the worst thing is getting to your so called destination and not having any worthy memories or strong recollections of what it was all about, the mistakes you made, the failure you encountered, the joys, success, love and impact you had on those you crossed paths with.

So here’s to remembering that my 20’s are a journey (and really life in general is a journey not just your 20’s) but for where I am right now, being a 20 something year old, it’s ever so relevant. Here’s to being more present in the journey, acknowledging the mistakes as they come, TRULY embracing failure and basking in my success. Here is to love and light and a journey ahead that only you can dictate, it’s yours for the taking. 

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