Turning a New Leaf...

It’s been a while since I have written anything on my blog, between leaving uni and entering the so called “real world” I honestly didn’t know what to write about after they handed me my two degrees and all of a sudden I went from being a student to a graduate. My blog always revolved around being a student and all the activities I did while studying. So when you go from being the miss know it all student to being a clueless, jobless young graduate -shit can get a little real FAST.

After I left uni, I didn’t have much to blog about apart from the uncertainty of what was ahead of me. I wanted a job in my industry so bad but that didn’t happen straight away despite my best efforts of interning everywhere I could while studying and networking like a crazy. Eventually after a good three months it finally happened (yay me). I landed my first ever gig in Public Relations (PR) and I haven’t looked back since.

PR is a tough industry to work in and is filled with the inevitable highs and lows. No amount of studying can fully prepare you for what you actually have to deal with in your day to day job and although it has been a bittersweet journey for me, I absolutely love it. It has taught me so much about myself and given me an interesting way of looking at life.

So I guess this part of my journey is all about rediscovering who I am (as an adult winging it) and shedding off who I thought I was or needed to be and just allowing myself to live in the moment. Each day brings something new I have to face and requires a different me to show up and be bold. For now I’ll try and get used to blogging like an “adult” and hopefully do it a bit more frequently… (stay tuned or not).

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