3 things to consider when you doubt yourself


From jumping the gun to living on my own, new work experiences, taking on hard subjects and a failed attempt at making things work with a guy I really liked -change has been constant and shifted my way of thinking just a little.

I came across an interesting article by Dr Marla Gottschalk (Industrial and Organizational Psychologist) which served as a great reminder of some of the things we need to practice when we experience these emotions of self-doubt that are caused by things that are either within or out of our control.

Some things to consider:

  1. Watch the "perfect" trap. Feelings of doubt can be fueled by the penchant to achieve perfection. Try to determine if perfectionist tendencies cloud your judgement concerning your knowledge set, skills and experience.
  2. Learn to process setbacks in a healthier manner. Failure is an ever-present possibility — and the greater the challenge ahead, the more likely your protective mechanisms will kick into high gear. Yes, there is a chance that you might fail. However if all does not go well, be careful to "unpack" the low points without sacrificing yourself.
  3. Still doubtful? Focus. If you still have a suspicion that you may actually be lacking somehow (even though others may not share that assessment) explore methods to satisfy your inner critic. Carve out strategies to help you feel comfortable and build confidence. (Circulate your ideas for review/comment, etc.) This may do your workplace "heart" a world of good.


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