Inspire Others By Just Being You

Instagram is not my forte. Taking pictures that are appealing is not something that is up my alley, but I try my best to take good pictures for my blog. Social media is a great way to share blog posts and get feedback from your readers, like duuh Nyarai that’s a bit of a captain obvious. While it is the best method to attract traffic and get some kind of blog following, it is also very tedious, time consuming and requires some serious ass creativity. So me being me, I avoided using any of my social media accounts because as I said it’s tedious and me and tedious things DO NOT, get along. But apart from it being tedious, if we are really being honest here, the truth is I was afraid.

Yes I was afraid. Afraid of sharing my dreams and thoughts with the world. People know I blog but I hardly ever share my posts publicly. Some of you are probably thinking “what is the point in having a public blog if you don’t want people to read it?” I get all that I really do but I think it takes courage to share your work with people. It takes courage and it also takes inspiration. Courage came when I landed the opportunity to contribute articles to The Huffington Post. Inspiration came in many forms, it came from watching other people go out and fight for their dreams. It came from interviewing individuals who like me, had aspirations and goals but also faced trials and tribulations, yet still managed to persevere and get on with it. This year one blogger in particular really really inspired me. She is a London based blogger and her blog is absolutely great. From the content she posts, to the images she takes, she really deserves a round of applause for a job very well done. Her blog name is “One Half Of A Third.” She shares delicious recipes, her views on relationships, friendships and much more.

Another inspiration who has helped tremendously with ideas on how to post great pictures on my Intsagram account is Miss Poppy Design, a boutique design studio based in Melbourne. Their stuff is gorgeous. Gorgeous and Elegant. Elegant and oh so beautiful. If you like things you’ll love them. You can purchase or place custom orders for items such as mugs, cushions, wedding cards, pencils, calenders and so on. They even do graphic designing. Safe to say Miss Poppy Design has given me some great ideas on how to bring photos to life and I am super thankful because I was getting so frustrated with my Instagram account. It looked bland and boring, nothing I was doing previously was working but simple tips such as using an all white background as your canvas for placing whatever items you wish to photograph, can make such a huge difference.

So thank you One Half Of A Third and thank you Miss Poppy Design. You all served as a source of inspiration to my blog by just being yourselves.

To my readers, who inspired you this year? Share your stories on the blog.

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