Sometimes You Stumble…

As predicted 2016 was going to give me a little nudge and show me a few things in my life that need working on. I say “as predicted” because 2015 just seemed way too smooth and way too good. It was after all my year of 21 and I enjoyed every bit of it so no complaints on that front.

Although it’s too soon to be saying this 2016 has been incredibly challenging. For starters, I am trying to complete my university studies this year so my study load is more than what it should be (my fault I know). I had the great opportunity of interning with a news channel I had been trying to land an internship with forever. I’ve started another internship which is mandatory for one of my subjects and to add a bit of icing to the already highly decorated cake -I’ve recently started a new job. In other words my plate is full! Full of things that make me happy but also things that are draining me. My plate is full and I have been moving around like a duck, (calm on the outside but all hell is breaking loose as I frantically paddle my way through the water.)

It’s scary because I have always been that person who is weary of not taking on too much so how have I ended up being that person who has now become way to involved in too many things and is feeling incredibly overwhelmed by even the smallest of tasks? It’s not an easy thing to admit because for starters you feel like a complete failure and second of all you drive yourself into a complete mess by beating yourself up for trying to do to much only to stumble.

I have to really thank my dad for helping me come back to my senses and realize that this is all part of life. There will be highs and lows and sometimes for no reason at all shxt just won’t go according to plan. This was a lesson I knew very well but had forgotten because well as I told you before -2015 went according to plan (and in some cases exceeded my expectations) so I definitely got a little too comfortable in my seat.

Along with my dads encouragement, good old Oprah popped up on my news feed in a Huffington Post, Talk To Me series video. In this video, Oprah shared her wisdom and insight with her ‘daughters’ from the school she built in South Africa. When it comes to articulating words and expressing emotions that can’t otherwise be understood, Oprah is the queen of reminding you that things are never as bad as they seem. In the video she touched on many things that are relevant to any 20 something year old. I particularly loved what she had to say about facing life’s obstacles. It was perfect not because the words she spoke were groundbreaking or life changing but more so because I really needed to hear them in that moment and of course I wanted to share them with you because I’m pretty certain sometimes we all stumble.

“You are going to fall, the very nature of moving through life is at some point, you’re gonna stumble, but when you stumble, it just means, ‘oops!’ Detour. “Gotta move in another direction.”

“I think the greatest fallacy that young people have is that –not supposed to fall. It means, wow, I get a chance to move in a different direction.”

“My advice to my younger self is that things will show up and it will look like failure, but it really is just life trying to move you in a different direction. Until the last breath, you always get another chance.”

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